Wednesday, August 26, 2009


From Bill:

It all started a month ago, when we returned from the jungle. It was just a little upset stomach and diarrhea -- I was sure that it would be over in a few days. Most of the symptoms disappeared, but then a new symptom came to light. It was a symptom that you don't talk about in public. That's why it was a difficult scene, when I found myself in a packed pharmacy, with a line of clients on my right, a line on my left and people behind me. The 3 girls behind the counter, along with the female pharmacist looked up when I said the word: "Parasites."

Girl behind the counter: "So, what are your symptoms?"

Bill (with everyone in the store staring at me and listening in): "I have ... secretions."


"Yes ... secretions." (Oh, please don't ask where! Oh, please don't ask where!)

The Pharmacists looks up from her desk in the back and shouts out: "How long have you had them?"

"About a month. We were in the jungle. It started then.

"Other symptoms?"

"Yea, an upset stomach. But it's mostly ... you know."

"Sure, so is it a lot or just a little? When do you get these..."



I said, "They're constant, but they're most voluminous in the mornings."

The pharmacist then convenes with the girls behind the counter and they all communicate telepathically. With out speaking, they begin nodding their heads in approval. The people in the lines begin to discuss my symptoms. The people in the line behind me, take a small step back. The girl in charge of my line says, "How many people in your family?"

"Six--two adults, two teens and two little ones."

"You know that all of you have to be treated?"

"Yes." (Parasites are highly contagious.)

So, I went home and said, "Here Hannah, you have to take this medicine tonight."

"Medicine? Why?"

"Uh ... well ... secretions."


Ruth Chowdhury said...

That is... well, gross!! And I will definitely be praying cuz... EW! Sorry about that. :(

Jason said...

Hey Bill,

It always brings a smile to my face to think about you, so when I see your website i really get to smile.

Can you give me your address there in Peru, I was wanting to send you something.

Much love,


Unknown said...

Thanks for explaining! I was thinking about coming down to help a medical team and they were talking about go into the jungles of Peru to villages and make house calls, now I don't know. Secrections!!! Donna :0