ChildHope is dedicated to transforming the lives of needy children with the Good News of Jesus Christ through education and ministries of compassion.

1) Transformation - Sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ through our words and deeds with children, their families and their community.
2) Education - in communities of poverty, we combine education and spiritual formation at an Assembly of God school.
3) Compassion - Caring for children through nutrition, clean water, relief work and other acts of compation.

Sponsoring a student through ChildHope can make a powerful difference in a child's life... and in yours!

*With a gift of just $36 a month, a sponsor will provide education and things like food, medical care, and most importantly, an introduction to Jesus.

*Sponsors and students are able to write letters throughout the year if they want to—some of the children’s letters are especially endearing and encouraging. In addition to that, sponsors also usually send a small financial gift for a Christmas gift. The money is then used to provide a special Christmas celebration and a small gift as the sponsor’s present to them.

*Prayer is a crucial part of the sponsorship commitment. The children are not only impacted by financial giving, but also by the covenant to pray for the child. We believe that the prayer commitment is as important as the financial one, impacting that life regardless of the miles between.

*Sponsorship saves a child’s life… sometimes literally as well as spiritiually.

For more information about donations and sponsorships, or to sponsor a child, visit the ChildHope website ( or contact their office with the information listed below.


1445 Boonville Avenue
Springfield, MO 65802

Phone: 800-289-7071