Monday, November 02, 2009

Land of the Living

From Lena:

Recently, our family had a rousing discussion of the phrase, "land of the living" as used in the psalms of David. Was he speaking about the here and now land, or heaven?
I believe that David had prophetic insight into the nature of God. Life is at the core of God's identity, and whether we are speaking of life here on this earth, or life eternal, God is at the heart of it, doing His work, making things live and breathe.

It reminded me of an experience we had recently when we began to work with Feed My Starving Children, in the hopes of seeing feeding programs started in our Piedad schools. It is an incredible program that provides much-needed vitamin enriched food for children in neighborhoods just like the ones where most of our schools are located. At the beginning, one of our schools had difficulties because the kids rejected the food for it's flavor. Without gussying it up, it tastes like.....vitamins!! One of our directors was deeply disturbed over the situation, as she knew that the nutrients provided by the food were desperately needed, and she was tired of seeing the children come to school listless and having difficulties concentrating for their nutritional lack.

She went to her knees, and that night, had SPIRITUAL WARFARE DREAMS over the issue.
She awoke, a recipe in mind, and the rest is history. The kids are now eating well, have better color, and ARE GROWING.

I found myself thinking, why in the world would the Enemy want these kids to be malnourished? How does that help him? The truth is, he is the Enemy of the God of the Living. He is a life thief, God is the life-giver. When children have the right food, they can think clearly, absorb the truth of the Word, and understand it. When they are malnourished, they walk around in a cloud, just surviving. If their brains don't receive the appropriate nourishment, there are thoughts they will never think...dreams they won't dream. Promoting LIFE--by nourishing little brains that otherwise will not achieve their potential--is an act of taking territory for the Land of the Living.

I was recently in Iquitos, in the school where this took place. The kids couldn't wait for lunch, and they very happily made every last drop of that vitamin-enriched food disappear(as well as with a healthy dose of the garlic, chicken broth, and onion combo that they love so much here). They recited Bible verses for me--some were so moving, I wish I had recorded them! Good nourishment helps them to not just put the words in their heads, but to think about them and live them. The God of Life has taken some territory for the Land of the Living! How exciting to be a witness of it.

Click the link to see pictures of our feeding program in Iquitos: