Monday, August 17, 2009

Do You Like to Walk?

Last night,we packed up the whole family to go and minister in a church plant somewhere in San Juan de Lurigancho--a huge community within Lima of some of the poorest people of the city. We arranged to meet the young pastor at a grocery store,and would go on with him from there.
He approached the car, all smiles, a truly engaging young man. I was already thinking that the evening would be a blessing. As he piled in the car with the rest of our clan, he asked us, "Do you like to walk?" I thought that was supposed to be a joke, as he is quite jovial, and likes to surprise people. I laughed!
Then we started the steep drive up the hill, and he began to talk of the little church plant that he started a few months ago. The church was meeting in a house (I immediately smiled inwardly. I love the warmth and intimacy of church in a house). We would park the car where a friend of his would watch it, and then hike up the hill the rest of the way with instruments and little kids.
I started laughing as we trekked the rest of the way up the hill, super-thankful that I had not worn heels. I would have gone rolling down the hill, or given up and gone barefoot.
We had a ball. The people were young, lively, and fun. They were packed into a little sitting area about the size of an American bedroom, in unfinished brick. Some came from other little mountain tops, which means they had to really hike it, arriving breathless--a group of maybe 30 people. The kids were wearing their best clothes, and looked great. Hannah gave it all she had musically, even though her voice was suffering from Lima smog. Their new sound system was hooked up and ready to go, and we blasted the neighbors a little Good News! Bill preached up a storm with an evangelical message on the Prodigal Son. And then 9 folks prayed to recieve Christ.
The call was so moving, I think a few were getting saved all over again, but that is just fine with me. It was a lovely night, and the presence of God was there. They gave us a bowl of soup with some interesting looking animal organs in it, and sent us on our way.
We got home with some very tired kids. This morning, everyone was a little slow out the gate, I had to spend about 40 minutes looking for various uniform parts, and the price of the night before was evident. But what fun it was last night, and what a privelege to bring the Good News to such precious people. I loved it.

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my two hopeful wings said...

Beautiful. Thank you for telling us about it.