Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Kid You Just Can't Stop Quoting

I have to say that our son, Will, is a riot. He is sunshine in our day. When he eats, he does it with gusto. Of all my children, he is the one who says, “Mom, that was GREAT!” He lives with all of his heart, and inspires us all in the family to have a little bit more fun. And we quote him a lot because HE IS JUST SO FUNNY.This is one of the latest conversations I had with Will in the car with one of his friends:

Will, to his friend: My mom is SO beautiful! She would, like, win 2nd place in the most beautiful mom contest!

Me, unable to resist: Oh, honey, that is so sweet that you would say that. But I have to ask, Who would win first?

Will, pensive: Well, I don’t know.......... but you for sure would win 2nd!

Man, do I love my boy.

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Jonathan said...

Sounds like a very smart little boy! He loves you but he isn't ruling out the possibility or probability of at least one more beautiful person on the face of the earth. Which is good, cause someday he'll probably want to marry that person. :)