Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Cleaning the rug

Lima is in the coastal-desert. That means that it is very dirty. Desert sand is everywhere. But there's also fog from the ocean. That makes the sand stick to everything. For this reason, very few people have carpet. In our apartment, we have hard-wood floors and a few big area rugs. This pic is of the rug in the dinning room. It takes a beating, since we eat every meal there. It's also in a major traffic area. (You can see the original color on the left bottom side of the picture. That's where the leg of the dinning room table was.) The rug was so dirty that we thought it was unsalvagable. Nonetheless, we tried. Lena cleaned the whole thing twice with water, vinegar and the shop vac. Then, Colton and I went at it with laundry soap, a broom and the shop vac. This picture is half way through it's 3rd cleaning. You can see the line dividing what we've cleaned and were yet to clean, under the brush. Colton, Lena and I vacuumed out gallons of yuck. It took us all day. It was hard work, but we're happy to say that it looks like new. Now we have to do the one in the living room.
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