Friday, April 11, 2008

A Grand Opening

Last week, Lena and I participated in the grand opening of a new A/G school in Peru. The pastor has applied for Latin America ChildCare help, but we're not yet able to do so, given the projects that have already been approved. Nonetheless, we've really enjoyed becoming friends with the Pastor and preaching at the church. Pastor Dionisia is a single woman, who has been pastoring this church for over 20 years. She is in the largest community of poor people in all of South America. It is San Juan de Lurigancho and has a population of more that 1 million. Many of them do not have water. When I first saw the community, it reminded me of pictures of Israel. As such, I was shocked to see that the church is named Palestina (Palestine) Assembly. Palestine is a great name, since it signifies a people in struggle who desperately need peace and salvation from Messiah.

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