Monday, July 16, 2007

Journey to Granada Nicaragua

Every 90 days, we have to cross the border in order to renew our visas for Costa Rica. This month, we visited Granada Nicaragua. It was my favorite town, so far, in Central America. It had the rustic charm of a Spanish outpost from 200 years ago. It also had a discotech playing Mexican polka music late into the night. Charm and polka--it doesn't get any better than that! There's a huge lake near Granada, with 2 Volcanoes in the lake. For a much better view of the pictures, along with my comments about each, please visit:

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Rob Amend said...

Bill, I really enjoy your photographs every month. The slideshow was nice, too. Keep up the good work. We are praying for you and I've subscribed to your RSS feed so we can keep up with each exciting episode in your new lives.

Rob Amend