Friday, October 06, 2006

Things I love about Lena

Lena turned 39 last May. One of our family traditions involves me making cards for her. Usually I write a poem. I get extra credit when the card or poem is funny. Last May, for her 39th birthday, I decided to do a card entitled “39 Things I Love about Lena.” When her birthday came, I wasn’t done with the card yet. That’s the danger of asking for a work of art as a birthday gift. If you value getting your card on time, then a store bought card is the right gift. If, like Lena, you value a work of art—then you might get your gift a little late. Her birthday was May 8. I gave her the card last night. (Some works of art are better if they age like cheese.) As you may guess, I can’t share all 39. Some are too personal. But a few are worth sharing here, allowing others to see what we value as a couple. The book of Philippians is a hortatory letter of friendship. In the Greek style of greeting cards, one was the hortatory letter of friendship card. (You can find it at the Ancient Greek Wal-Mart in the card section between Artemis' Birthday cards and the "We're so sorry you lost the Olympics cards.") In this type of letter, a mentor writes his/her disciple and advises him/her about who to imitate. I write this today in the same vein. Lena has done for my Christian walk what glasses did for reading. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to be like her. You'll definitely say what I say everyday—“Boy did he get a great wife!”

Some of the 39 things I love about Lena:

1. Her witty sense of humor
2. She’s as pretty or prettier, now, then when we got married.
3. She’s a great cook
4. How she looked the first night I really noticed her.
5. Our discussions. We love to talk about life, authors, psychology, theology, literary themes, the enduring quality of fig newtons …
6. She loves Jesus
7. She is not easily offended
8. Doing the crossword puzzle together
9. Being on the road, figuring out directions and problem solving together.
10. She’s a Christian in her own right. Many men and women tag along with their mates in the arena of faith. We definitely “spur one another on in love and faith,” but we don’t depend on each other. If I were to die sooner, rather than later, I know that Lena would continue to serve the Lord and teach our kids to do the same. The ministry version of this is that she is a teammate – not a mascot. She preaches with me and doesn’t just watch me minister.
11. She has a heart to disciple women
12. She fights fair, apologizes, confesses sins, admits wrongs and considers accusations.
13. She reads and continues growing
14. She practices emotional honesty and integrity
15. She has a gorgeous brain. She speaks Spanish, which she learned in school. That is incredible, because many never use what they learn. Lena is able to discuss psychotherapy methods and schools of thought from Art History. And she is really dangerous playing Wheel of Fortune.
16. She persevered and conquered fears becoming a social worker, going into the inner city among rats and trash...for the women and children
17. She forgives
18. She talks things out
19. She’s my best friend

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