Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Birthdays, Births & Multitasking

This past week, Hannah and Willy both had birthdays. Hannah is now 12 and Willy is 4. I remember Hannah's birth well. It was the first day of school at UC. I was trying to organize student outreach, while being true to my laboring wife. I think I probably did a lackluster job in both camps. When Colton was born, on the last day of school at UC, I folded newsletters while Lena did the hard work of pushing out a baby. I'm often looking for a chance to multitask. Thankfully, Lena is very understanding and a true team player. So, she's never complained. By the time Willy was born, we were doing ministry at Wilmington College (which starts school in August). The ministry was well under way when he was born, and I had learned a few things through the years. Consequently, I didn't try to multitask during his delivery.

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