Saturday, February 13, 2010

What I can't abide

There are many cases of injustice that cause my blood to boil. For example, we're currently helping a boy from the jungle, named Eber, who cannot walk well. Eber had meningitis when he was an infant—an illness I also suffered from. Unlike my family, Eber’s family had no means for treating the fever; as such, he was left crippled. He cannot straighten his legs; so, to get around, he hops. The doctors say that if he doesn't receive treatment, his knees will deteriorate to the degree that he'll be completely immobile.

Thanks to Latin America ChildCare, Eber will receive surgery that will (by God's grace) enable him to stand up straight and walk. The fact that the family was so poor that they could not even treat a child with a fever makes my blood boil. But that's not all. Another thing I can't abide is fake Disney character trash can lids--like the ones at the Children's Hospital in Lima!

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