Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Thanks Speed The Light!

SUV's make you feel powerful and secure. Sports cars make you feel young and alive. Minivans make you feel ... useful. Here, our mighty Kia Carnival (Sedona in the States) is being filled with sand and rocks. We were Shipping the sand and rocks to the jungle where it'll be used to make water filtration systems. Here's a quick list of what you can find in the jungle:

1. Moskitos the size of your head. -Yes!
2. Flesh eating minnows. --Yes!
3. Fossilized monkey dung. --Yes!
4. Rocks. --Nada!

The problem is that the jungle is all rotting trees and fruit. So, in order to make the water filtration systems, we had to buy the pebbles (and a higher grade of sand) in Lima and ship them to the jungle. When we loaded our mighty minivan, the rear end nearly hit the ground, while the front end was facing the sky. It was a fun ride.

I want to thank Speed the Light and the youth groups from Ohio that enabled us to have this incredibly useful tool. Children in the jungle will have clean drinking water because of the sacrifices all of you made. Thank you!
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