Saturday, July 04, 2009

An Update with some prayer requests

I hope that the Lord is giving all of our friends a great 4th of July! It is an odd paradox, in bleak and chilly climate of a Lima winter, to imagine our friends in the states enjoying a sunny and hot celebration.

First, as you may have read here previously, we had a missions team down last week. Over 100 kids and adults gave their lives to the Lord. It was very powerful and fruitful. My kids worked really hard to pull it off. Hannah and Colton worked just as hard as the adults. I’m very proud of them. You can see pics and videos Picasa photo album. Just click the link to "Bill and Lena Pics."

Second, we have a medical team of 30 persons arriving tomorrow night, to do a mission at one of our schools in Iquitos, in the Amazon Jungle. We have another team arriving in 3 weeks to do evangelism in Iquitos. So, the ministry is going forth with great success.

Unfortunately, of the 7 people who are in my apartment/office everyday, 5 of us have the flu. And this is no small flue. We’ve had high fevers and are having a tough time shaking it off. Last night, my son Willy had a 103.2 fever. It was his 5th day with a fever in the last week. Abi's fever was 101.9. Many of the members of the evangelism team that came down, now have the flu, also. Other news on the health front: I have two disks in my neck that are fighting for the same space. They're pushing cartilage out and it's pressing on my spinal cord. As a result, I’ve got electrical signals running down my arms. There's only one way to put it: It’s a real pain in the neck!

Please rejoice with us in the salvations we've already seen and in the ones we're going to see. Also, please pray with us for healing and strength, so that the ministry may continue unhindered.

May the Lord bless you all!


Tristan And Andrea Mitchell said...

You are in our prayers. We love you guys! Tristan and Andrea

The Ericksons said...

Oh friends! I'm so sorry to hear about your family illnesses :( Everyone up here is finally starting to recover - but it sounds like you guys got the brunt of it.

We'll be praying for everyone. I know how enthusiastic you were about the medical team. We care for you!