Monday, April 13, 2009

How many rinses to clean a carpet?

Colton tied for second place in the primary school division of the Science Fair. His project was answering the question, "How many rinses does it take to clean a carpet?" To answer the question, somebody had to get the carpet squares dirty...

After the real-life get-your-carpet-dirty stomping party, it was time to clean the carpet.

Colton used laundry soap, then applied clean rinses. Each rinse was collected in a sample cup.

Then it was time to measure the results.

We used multiple methods for measuring. This picture is the "light diffusion" method, where the dirt is suspended in the water. The first cup, on the far right, is the soapy extraction. The rest are clean rinses. As you can see, anything less than three, is pure yuck. The 4th rinse is optional. If you'd like to see more of Colton's experiment and the results, follow this link to our photo site:

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Unknown said...

Way cool project, Colton! Great work, too - looks like you enjoyed your project.
Felicidades, Aunt Kelly
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