Saturday, August 09, 2008

Prayer Requests

Having a missions team from the states produces many effects, one of which is spiritual warfare. When the team was here, I was sick with digestive problems and cramps. When they left, I got a bad cold. The night they were leaving, I found out that both my mother and brother were at the hospital emergency room. They both stayed in the hospital a couple of days, then returned to their respective homes. Today, my brother went back for emergency surgery. Last week, he had arterial bypass surgery on his leg. It clogged and developed a staff infection. Today, they removed the bypass and left the wound open to heal. I'm grateful that he's alive. The news I received this morning made his survival seem questionable. My worries for my brother were compounded by the ongoing problems with my mother's health and a serious blood-pressure problem with a close friend here in Peru. I also found out, from the team, that a good friend in the states has terminal cancer. I currently have 5 friends, all roughly my age, that have cancer. I found out tonight that a friend of Sarah Olejarz is in critical condition in the hospital. We are all worried about our friends and, at the same time, are struggling with the knowledge that we can't just run home and be with them. So, I ask for your prayers for: My mom, June, and my brother, Jan. Also for these friends: Joe, Scott, Russ, Lisa, Edith, Oscar and, Sarah's friend, Fern.

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Ruth Chowdhury said...

I am praying for their healing(s). Please keep us updated. I am praying for your strength as well.