Saturday, February 09, 2008

New Address

We’re still unpacking boxes. It has been a frustrating move. We’ve found ourselves feeling like we’re in an alternative world, trying to do something which is normal in the states, but is much more difficult here. Our new address is:

Av. Jacinto Lara 465
Dpto. 400
San Isidro, Lima, 27

Here, the addresses are backwards, so in the above address, you start with “Avenue” then the street name “Jacinto Lara,” then the building number, “465.” Dpto is an abbreviation of the word for apartment. Our apartment is on the fourth floor, therefore #400. San Isidro is the city (which is actually a suburb of Lima), Lima is both the name of the city and the "state." and 27 is the zip code.

Our phone numbers are, from the states:
Home: (011-511) 422-0496 (the last 7 digits are our number)
Bill Cell: (011-511) 9-457-2241 (the 9 represents a cell phone toll call)
Lena Cell: (011-511) 9-457-2245

Our voip numbers are now connected (as of last night):
Cincinnati: 513-407-5412.
Cleveland: 330-294-0955


Anonymous said...

You all are continually in our prayers. Thank you for posting. Hannah, thank you for the Christmas post card!

jenni w and family

Anonymous said...

hey glad to see you are moved in
not the same with out you all.
San Isidro is pretty looking, clean looking.
We are praying for you all.
love andy and Chelsea Reed

Denny said...

Part of Chris Beard's message this Sunday was "The advancement of God's kingdom is paved with sacrifice."
He mentioned you guys. I am still amazed at what God has called you to do, and I am glad to be a small part of it.
Peace and Love,
Denny and Lisa

P.S. we are at B-day +6 and still no baby.