Monday, January 28, 2008

Blog reading level

blog readability test

A friend of mine (Dave Godzwa) tested the reading level of his blog and found it required a genius to read it. I'm happy to report that my natural writing style is that of the common man. To read something a little more challenging, you can check out Dave's blog at

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Deb said...

Alright, I believed the reading level thing when mine came out as high school level, too. I started to question it when Rob's came out "genius". But, I thought, "That's okay, I just won't tell him." But then when Ben's came out as genius too, I had to believe that something just wasn't right....

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the mention. Although further study has proven that my blog only tests to the Clampett genius level of the 6th grade (Remeber that Jethro had made it that far.), I was thinking about launching a campaign based on the results. Something like:

I'm a Genius! (I read


Studies have shown that reading can boost your intelligence to genius levels.

Think it'll catch on?