Saturday, December 23, 2006

A Merry Little Christmas

We're moving on Dec 26--the day after Christmas. As such, our decorating has been kept to a minimum. Our tree is a 2' tall sprig in a pot. It is very reminiscent of Charlie Brown's tree on that classic Christmas show. We've added to the festive atmosphere with window sticker snowflakes. The house now looks like a shell and most of the boxes are marked with phrases like "Bill's books--theology, leadership & Far Side." In spite of the decorating dearth, our spirits are high as we anticipate a wonderful adventure in Costa Rica and Peru. We're also very grateful to the Son of God, who became a missionary to earth so that we could live forever! So...

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!


Anonymous said...

What an awesome family picture!

Anonymous said...

Looks suspiciously like this one.