Thursday, April 09, 2015

What Jesus Said

This from Lena:

From the time I first discovered the power of the Word of God as a young believer, I have been captured by the power of Jesus’ teachings.  “Guard your heart against all kinds of greed!” (How many kinds are there?  I could think about that a good long time!) It’s always fresh to me…no matter how many times I read it, I come away knowing I have only begun my journey of obedience…seeking the Kingdom of God first of all, making sure that I am more concerned that my cup be clean on the inside than the outer appearance.  I chuckle to myself when people talk about how gentle Jesus was, knowing how many times I have been rocked and threatened (but also amazingly comforted) by his words.  The gospels are a plum line by which we must consistently be measuring our lives, and I find myself more often than not wincing as I sneak a peek at the slant of my life.
During some times of prayer walking, I began to dream of how we could begin to reach out to university students in our mammoth metropolitan area.  I began to formulate the idea for an evangelical Bible study in which we offer a chance for university students to practice their English and at the same time examine the teachings of Jesus for themselves.  Seeing as how subtlety has never been my strong point, I thought that sort of fit my personality: “I have English, I want you to think about Jesus!”  That was when “What Jesus Said” was born!  We (meaning me and one super-faithful young lady from our church who has a really gorgeous smile) hit the streets and started to invite. 
We have been meeting since November, and the group has grown.  One girl we met is actually Peruvian, but grew up in Columbus, Ohio!  She not only attends the group, but now she also attends the church plant we support.  Our group has consistent attendance from young believers, with a sprinkling of those who are seeking.   We are excited about the possibilities!  We are also looking to open two new groups before long with two different young leaders in other locations. 

This has been the easiest evangelical program I have ever had the joy of promoting.  When I tell people about it, they often ask if there is a cost, and are shocked to find that it is free!  Please pray for us that we reach many with this tool, and that it opens up opportunities on campuses all over Lima!

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