Friday, November 30, 2012

Transformation in a young girl's life

I'm editing blog posts that somehow never got published. Here is a video that I (Bill) took three years ago of a girl (whom we'll call "Laurie") in one of our Latin America ChildCare (LACC)  schools in Lima. Here, Laurie is in the computer lab that LACC helped to purchase for the school. Laurie's story is an excellent example of the Gospel in action. She was kicked out of all the other schools in the area. Her parents put her in our LACC school as a last ditch effort. When she entered the school, she was more than a handful – kicking and biting the students and teachers. She would throw temper tantrums, forcing the teachers to hold her down. The director told me that the teachers would hold her down and pray over her until she settled down. The teachers began a concerted effort to pray for her outside of class and in their meetings. After time, her attitude began to change. Now, she is a model student. After she changed, her mother came to the church. She gave her life to the Lord and is attending regularly. The father also attends, though I don't know if he is a believer--yet. The family loves the school and the church. This story is a testimony to the power of the school and the church working together to change the destiny of a whole family!

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