Monday, August 22, 2011

On-Time and by a Miracle

We are back in Peru! Thank you to everyone who helped us return to the land of our calling!

We returned to the US last summer to re-raise support and encourage churches to participate in missions. Our plan was to return to Peru before the new school year began in August of 2011. Planning how long one’s support raising is going to take is great—as long as the support raising  follows the plan. For many missionaries, the money and the calendar collide—causing them to delay their return until the necessary funds are raised. A few months prior to our return, we were $1800 away from our support raising goal. I knew that God called us to Peru, so I did not doubt that He would get us back—but I wasn't 100% certain about the timing. I began to contemplate a four month extension, but I also began to pray. I asked Lena, our children and our friends to ask the Lord what time He wanted us to return to Peru.

Almost immediately, Lena received a word from the Lord. He said that we would be returning “on time and by a miracle.” Shortly thereafter, Lena received a confirmation. At a missions service for Ohio ministers, a prophetic word was given, saying, “Do not say four months more and then the harvest!” Four months more … the exact time of the itineration extension I had in mind.

Since God said, “on time and by a miracle,” I began to preach and pray with fervor, and we saw God answer. We received $1300 in new pledges in one week; then, another $300 in pledges a few weeks later. By faith, we received permission from Headquarters and bought our tickets. Friends in Peru began to call us with possible places to live. God was working out the details.

We were two weeks from departure and still were $200 away from the goal. Lena and I began to joke that we would receive a call from Headquarters that our budget was complete just as we were getting on the plane. We did not receive a call as we got on the play; rather, an email! God raised our budget and sent us back “on time and by a miracle.”

Our initial call to Peru was very miraculous and, now, we feel that this miraculous return has been a confirmation of God’s will. Please pray that God’s anointing and miraculous presence would go with us—to the salvation of Peru and the Glory of His name. Please pray, also, for our families. Being a missionary is a costly sacrifice, not only for the one who is sent, but also for the ones who do the sending. Pray also that God would send us close friends to walk with us on this great adventure!

Much love, in Christ,
Bill and Lena Shrader

Our U.S. phone number in Peru: 513-407-5412

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