Monday, December 08, 2008

Cockroaches and Coffee

This bad boy is living in my coffee pot. We've been hit with a roach infestation. When we open the overhead kitchen cabinets, they fall out onto the counter, us and the food. The other day, I turned on the microwave that's above the stove. The microwaves began to cook two roaches that were hiding inside. They ran out and fell right onto a nice hot casserole of Spanish Rice. They're favorite spot to live is in our coffee pot. Apparently, they like coffee. They also love dark, damp places. Frequently I've poured water into the pot and chased out roaches from the water reservoir. All I can say is that I'm really glad for coffee filters.


LilyBean said...

That's pretty nasty, Bill. Pretty nasty.

Faith Bates said...

Heh Bill! Do they have a brand called cuckol of little white poison cubes there? Not the tube of gel but the little white cubes....they sell it here and it workes great! Good luck! Faith

Deb said...

Oh no...we had cockroaches when we first moved into our house although everyone in our neighborhood called them "waterbugs". Justin thought it was a blessing. In fact, when he was showing our social worker around the house for Anna's homestudy, he stopped outside the laundry room, looked right at the SW and said, "If we're really quiet, we might be lucky enough to see a cockroach when I open the door!" Our SW just laughed and laughed and said, "I bet that was the last thing you wanted him to say!" He also tried to take one to church to show his Sunday school teachers.

Glad they're with you, and not with us (at least where I can see them)!

Anonymous said...

Hi Billy & family. A staff member and I are checking out your cockroach experience. Yuck! I just hope you dont find one doing the backstroke in your morning cup of joe!

Deanne Whalen