Sunday, November 09, 2008

Arica & the Sea

The desert of southern Peru and northern Chile runs up against the Pacific ocean. In our trip to Arica, Chile, we got to see both the desert and the sea. Arica is a port town that has sea food, big boats and seals (the kind that bark and grunt). We visited a sea food market and had a great time. Above, you can see crabs, fish and hairy balls. Inside the hairy balls is a live crab. People cut the balls open and suck the juices out of the crab while it tries to escape one's mouth. I failed the courage test and was unwilling to try it.

One of the guys working this stand suggested that we get behind it and act like a family selling sea food. He offered to take our picture. Once he had my camera, he took off running. The guys working the other stands all said they had never seen him before and that I just gave my camera to a stranger. It was all a joke. They were all in cahoots and were a very funny bunch of fishermen.

Hannah's first kiss!

My good looking buddy! All the girls at Colton's grade school swoon when he walks down the hall.
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