Thursday, August 17, 2006

LACC in Peru

The child at right is Duber, a 6 year old attending an LACC school in Peru who needs a sponsor. Visit the web site at Click “sponsor a child,” the select "Peru" under the country tab.

There are 8 Latin America Childcare (LACC) schools in Peru.

3 in Lima (the capital city with a population of over 8 million)

  • Jerusalen school with 230 students in Callao (a rough suburb of Lima).
  • Jesus es Senor, 120 students.
  • Rabban Gameliel, 85 students.

2 in the North Coast region

  • Betel School with 90 students in the town of Catacaos.
  • Nuevos Pasos, (?) students in Laredo-Trujillo.

2 in the Amazon Jungle near Iquitos:

  • Victoria de Jesus school with 240 students.
  • Luz del Saber school with 90 students.

1 in the South, in a mountain/desert region:

  • Apostol Pablo, 230 students, in Ayacucho (home of the Shinning Path terrorist group)

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