Thursday, January 04, 2007

First Day in Costa Rica

We arrived in Costa Rica for language study yesterday (1-3-07). We got two hours of sleep over a two day period, which is a common experience for people moving to a new country. Here's the run-down on our first day in Costa Rica.

Today we had our Spanish interview and placement test. My interview went great. My placement test was more difficult. The professor told me not to guess. That just about put a stop to anything except the part where I filled out my name. He told Lena that she had Latin in her blood, so she'd do great. (He seemed to ignore my Irish blood.) After the test, a friend (Efrain) took us grocery shopping at PriceMart (a latin version of Sam's Club). They're not owned by Sam's, but there are rumors that Sam's is trying to buy them out. It wasn't as large and it didn't have clothing. It had food, a small electronics area, a pharmacy and a food area (just like at Sam's club) where they sell pizza, TCBY Yogurt and Cappuccino. It was a good experience and it's nice to know that we can still shop at something somewhat familiar. Getting there was a trip. We walked about three blocks, then caught a taxi. It was a little Hyundai...a very little Hyundai. Abi and Willy stayed behind to play with Efrain's kids. That left Efrain, me, Lena, Hannah & Colton. Efrain sat in the front with the driver and the rest of us filled the back seat. It was cozy.

This afternoon, the kids wanted to watch TV. Willy yelled at Hannah to press the speaking button on the remote so that the people on TV would speak English. After Sponge Bob came on, he didn't care. It was interesting because he laughed throughout the cartoon. I'm now wondering how much he understood in English. Hannah's favorite Disney shows came on, all with Spanish dubbing. I usually hate those shows. I told her she's now allowed to watch as much Disney Channel as she wants--in Spanish. I told her that following the show and listening to them speak would be a boon to her Spanish acquisition. She started to bulk at the notion, then started to get excited to learn Spanish. I suspect that the worse that could happen is that she'd become fluent, though shallow.

Tonight we ate our first real meal here. We got the roasted chicken at PriceMart. It was nice. Our apartment is large and attractive. We come into a very large great-room that contains an eat in kitchen, a formal dinning room and a living room. There is a covered patio that is part of a small private courtyard. It's the prettiest part of the house. Most of the rooms have windows looking out into the courtyard. That's very common in latin culture. I'll send some pictures when I get the chance. For now, I'm mega-pooped.

Thanks to everyone who helped us through prayer, financial support and during the move. We are grateful beyond words ... especially if they're Spanish words.


Dave said...

It's no fair! You're in our house!

No really, we're glad that you guys made it. We really do miss Costa Rica, the people, sights, sounds, and sometimes, yes, even the taxis.

Keep us posted on your life in "paradise." We'll be praying that the language acquisition goes as easily as that interview!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that you're settling in well in Costa Rica! May God teach an Irish man Spanish!!!

Anonymous said...

Gracias a Dios por tu familia! I'm glad you got to Costa Rica safely and that things are going well so far. My thoughts and prayers are with you.