Monday, March 23, 2020

Bill and Lena's Peru Update - March 2020 -- The Corona Virus Edition

We are doing well and (thankfully) do not appear to have the Corona Virus. Nevertheless, like the rest of Peru, we have been in quarantine for the last 8 days and will continue to stay inside for at least another week. That said, it has provided an opportunity to send out an update. Please find, below, some lovely photos of our latest newsletter. If you'd like to read it as a printable PDF, please click here.

Bill and Lena's Peru Update - November, 2019

In responses to the Corona Virus Quarantine, it seemed like a good time to catch up on some old news. Here's our update from November, 2019. To read it as a printable PDF, please click here.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Bill and Lena's fancy slideshow update from October, 2017

The past six months have been some of the most challenging and most fruitful of our lives. We have seen more salvations, baptisms in the Holy Spirit and disasters than I can remember. We want to thank you for being partners with us in it all. The new disciples that are being made and the hungry mouths that are being fed will thank you, with us, when we meet in heaven. Please click the big picture, below, for a quick rundown of all that has taken place or for an impressive array of photos that will amaze you! If the picture doesn't click, try here.

The Shraders in Peru