Saturday, January 27, 2007

Family Pictures

When my dad died last June, I put together a slide show of his life. This past Christmas Eve would have been mom and dad's 64th anniversary. It was a difficult holiday experience for all of us, especially my mom. As such, I decided to add to the show I'd done of dad's life and add pictures from my parents' marriage--remembering all the wonderful years. (I've posted the show at the link above.) My aunt Melba, who is featured in many of the pictures, is currently battling cancer. I'd like to ask all my friends to pray for Melba, my Uncle Billy and all of their family.
The picture above is of my parents when they were dating. It's one of my favorite shots. The 2nd picture is from our trip to Mexico in 2000. We spent a day in San Diego on the way back home. The hotel was remodeling, so they had all their new toilets lined up in the parking lot. I thought it was a great opportunity for a family photo. That trip was very instrumental in our call to Peru. Nonetheless, when we took this photo, we couldn't have dreamt that we'd be in Costa Rica now with two more Shraders in the bunch. God's plan is good and there's no better place to be than held tightly in His grace.

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