Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our Call -- The Pregnancy Prophecy

When we tell the Story of our calling to Peru, we usually begin with the sweaters we received on Christmas Eve 2003. (stay tuned for "the Sweaters" post -- coming soon to a blog near you!) But the story really begins on Dec. 23rd, 2003 at about 10:30 pm. We'd just had my family over to celebrate Christmas, but what was on my mind was the question of whether or not Lena was pregnant. We hadn't told anyone about our suspicions. I was certain of it--so certain that I'd bought Lena a pregnancy test strip, which came back negative. I didn't believe the negative report, so a few days later I bought another one. After my family left for the evening, Lena tried the second test strip. This time it was positive. As we looked at the positive test strip, we both said, "The prophecy is true!"

Six years prior, we received a prophecy that we'd have four kids. We had previously said that we were only planning on two kids...three at the most. Will (our third child) was a surprise. Abigail (the fourth) was a total shock! As we stared at the postitive reading (a little blue plus sign), we could feel God's hand on our lives. He didn't ask our permission to have another child--we'd already surrendered our lives to him. At that moment, a fourth child seemed like an incredible addition to our already stretched organizational capacities. But it didn't matter. We knew in our hearts that God was in control. We came to realize that the fulfillment of this prophecy was part of God's plan for revealing to us just how much He was in control. The next day we received two sweaters and a message from God. The pregnancy test strip (and the prophecy it fulfilled) prepared our hearts.

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