Monday, April 17, 2006

Galveston, O Galveston!

Last week, on Palm Sunday, we had the joy of presenting our Peru call and preaching at Cathedral in the Pines in Beaumont, Texas. Afterward, we spent three days on the beach near Galveston, TX, with John and Tami Flick (previous XA pastors at Western Michigan University). We had a wonderful time. When we first arrived on the beach, Willy immediately stripped off his clothing and ran in the waves. I tried to get him to at least put his underwear on, but he refused. The pics are hysterical, but unsuitable for public posting. Instead of Willy's wild romp, here's a self-portrait of me and Abi on the beach.

After Galveston, we drove to Atlanta, GA and spent two days with my sister's family. We called it the farewell tour, since we will not likely see them again before we leave the country. While in Atlanta, we visited the Coke Museum and drank coke products from around the world. They had "Lilt," my favorite pop from England. Unfortunately, they did not have samples of Inka Cola--the #1 soft drink in Peru.

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