Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ayacucho is one of my favorite towns in Peru. It's nestled high in the Andes mountains and is more of what you think of (when you think of Peru) than most other towns. The people are Quechua indians and live simple lives. Here are some photos that tell part of their story.

This goes in the "guess what I'm eating" category. It's "mondongo," otherwise known as cow stomach. It's used to make soup and, of course, for stuffing full of other things. Here, as you would expect, it is being celebrated with balloons. Always remember to blow up the balloons and not the belly.

Ayacucho contains great examples of Spanish architecture.

The majority of the people are poor. This is a little market on the side of a busy road. The roof is just a tarp and some of the food is displayed on a tarp. The good news is that it's well stocked.
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