Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gestational Homesickness

We're at the half-way point of our time here and I have to admit that we're experiencing a lot of longing. One one hand we're definitely homesick--longing for familiar friends and flavors. On the other hand, we're Peru-sick--longing for the next step in God's awesome adventure. I recently e-mailed a friend in Peru about these emotions, saying that it feels like being stuck in an airport for a year, waiting for a connecting flight. I try to keep in mind that it’s like being a baby in gestation. As much as the mother wants the baby to pop out early, it is far better if the gestation time is completed. Please pray for us, for the grace to enjoy where the Lord has us for today, while looking forward to the promises and mission that lies ahead.

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Anonymous said...

At least you're past the "morning sickness"! May God give you peace at the same time that He gives you even desire to be in Peru.

By the way, Ruth and I are expecting #2 on January 22nd. We'll be feeling some real gestational anxiety pretty soon. :)