Saturday, July 22, 2006

Color blindness & photographing Flowers

I'm color blind. It's an interesting predicament in life, since people who can see color don't understand it. They instantly start testing me by pointing to things and asking me to identify the color. Since I'm red-green colorblind, I can see blue and yellow perfectly. So the test goes like this...

Incredulous person: What color is this?!

Bill: Blue.

Incredulous person: But you said you can't see colors?

Bill: I can see blue and yellow--greens and reds get confusing.

Incredulous person: Then what color is the grass?!

Bill: Green, except when it's dead, then it's brown.

Incredulous person: Can you tell the difference?

Bill: Yes.

Incredulous person: So what does it look like to you?

Bill: Dead grass.

My dad could see colors, so he said some hurtful things about my inability to discern between green and brown or purple and blue. People who can see colors take it for granted. For those who are interested, as opposed to incredulous, just imagine that life periodically turns into a black-and-white photo. When I was a kid, I remember our first color T.V. It would turn from color to black-and-white without warning. We'd have to turn a knob to get it back into color. My sister would come into the family room and ask, "Why aren't you watching it in color?"

I'd say, "Uhhhh, I don't know. I guess I didn't notice." Then she'd turn the knob and, VIOLA!, the whole thing would become vibrant--just like when Dorothy landed in OZ. It was nice, but when it would go back to black-and-white, I usually didn't notice.

I love discussing art, but I'm not a very confident artist. My sense of color (or lack thereof) is problematic--along with my inability to draw, paint, sculpt or whittle. As such, I love photography--especially flowers. God picks the colors and shapes, and I try to catch it all in just the right light. Above is one of my daffodil shots. Apparently, blogger is alergic, since it'll only let me load one shot at a time. It's probably partial to roses.

Mucho Agape,

P.S. sorry for the delay in posting. After dad's death it seemed that the whole world was spinning.

Then someone said, "It is spinning."

So, I said, "Yea, but I didn't seem to have so much motion sickness before."

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