Sunday, May 14, 2006

Prayer Requests - May 14, 2006

1) For my parents: In my last news update, I asked everyone to pray for my father’s health. He has less than 20% of his heart capacity and severe emphazema. He had contracted pneumonia and was close to death. After everyone started praying, he turned the corner and is still with us. Praise the Lord! Thanks to all of you who prayed and sent emails asking about him. He is now at home, where a hospice nurse checks in on him. I’m grateful for the time I’ve been able to spend with him during his illness—especially given our impending departure from the states. That departure is an ever present part of our consciousness—like a loud clock ticking in the room. That leads to the next few requests…

2) That God would give our families comfort and assurance as our departure date draws nearer.

3) Wisdom concerning whether to sell or rent our home.

4) God’s help and wisdom in packing. What to take and what to leave?

5) That we would raise our budget before our target date of August 29.

6) Inspiration and stamina as I read and write papers for the doctor of ministry degree. Our August 29 departure target and itineration are putting the squeeze on my study time.

7) For the upcoming presidential elections in Peru. The front runner, Ollanta Humala, is a socialist. If he wins, most of the Andean region will be socialist. Humala’s opponent, Alan Garcia, was previously president from 1985-90, when he was overthrown. Whoever becomes president, please pray that it will be a person of righteous wisdom, humility and godliness.

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